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Our story begins, when the Real Estate segment in India was booming. It was a time when ambitions stood sky high and the tipping point in housing projects indicated a dire need for competitive innovation. A passionate team of young entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike realised the essence of time in this sector.

Our Mission

We strive to be leaders in our field through constant innovation, market study, monitoring of industry so as to enhance the quality and efficiency of our products & services to cater to the ever evolving global market.

Our Vision

We at RCS INFRA envision maintaining the highest level of Quality under all circumstances. In order to become and remain as market leaders, we would need to ensure that we deliver what we promise.

Our Objectives

The objectives of RCS INFRA can be clearly understood in the following line, which states... "We at RCS INFRA will work towards ensuring the success of our company by primarily focusing on the 3 core objectives.

Our Values

We at RCS INFRA believe in standing by our promises and delivering them to the last word. In conducting businesses with our clients, we always strive to keep our client's interest primary in all our activities.

About us

RCS Infratech Projects Limited, an ISO 9001-2008 land development organization was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 in the year 2013. Our Directors with a great vision and vast experience in real estate started this project with an aim to create quality projects, focusing on the needs of the customers and to give them total confidence in our projects. Which started with 12 employees has now fast grown into a vast team which combines experience with knowledge of the market and a keen sense of customer expectations. As a Company that strives to be the best, we are committed to doing business with integrity, transparency and respect for all people. High ethical standards are one of our greatest business assets.


5 years on, after an array of successful premium developments completed in Allahabad (UP), we have succeeded in carving out a niche for ourselves. While the predominant focus has been on residential and commercial projects, we have a diversified portfolio covering key segments of the real estate market, which target the upper end of the respective market segment.
Innovation in our offerings combined with an emphasis on contemporary architecture, strong project execution and quality construction have helped us transform into a brand to reckon with. By partnering with the best, we continuously keep ourselves abreast with changing global and national trends.


Our team combines vast experience with the knowledge of the market, a keen sense of current customer expectations with high integrity and transparency in every transaction. We aim to bring greater convenience into our transparent process of property purchase and construction community. We constantly upgrade new technology to improve the project efficiency by providing value for money to our customers. A valuable asset, our team is professionalism personified with unique skills and relentless passion to cater to the needs of future generations

RCS Infra Projects Ltd. is in a different league of companies, an innovation driven company committed to quality and transparency. We are committed to create quality projects with the right cost and time for our customer’s investments. Our every staff member is aware of the quality standards we aim to keep up. Quality will continue to be a consideration in all our internal and external business activities. So when you invest, do it where you will be sure of what is happening. Invest it in our ventures with “RCS Infra Projects Ltd.” With us you will see clarity in every transaction with such transparency that you will literally see through the realty. .

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